hello there lovely. thanks for checking this out! this is my personal music blog, for songs that ive written, am in the process of writing,or have recorded myself playing. please listen and give advice if you would like. criticism is welcome as long as its constructive and helpful, i am looking for ways to improve not hate mail. but thankyou for checking my music out it really means a lot!
~~~My Music~~~
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Song: As Mice, We'll Make It
Artist: Emma Friedman
Played: 9 times.

I wrote this song for Jerrica to support her and her friend Llysa. I really do hope that Jerrica gets to meet her hero, Austin Carlile. I did write this song in less than a day so it needs improving still. Anyways, hope you guys like the song.

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Song: The Promise(Cover)
Artist: Emma Blackery(Covered by Emma Friedman)
Played: 57 times.

This is me covering “The Promise” by Emma Blackery. Ill probably do a better recording of this later. I really love this song though. :)

Another day is ending
I can see the fading light
Where are all my friends
I cannot seem to sleep alright

Hello 3am again
I see you’re doing just fine
Can I rest my tired eyes, my heavy heart
I surely think it’s time

(Chorus:) Spinning through stars
Crashing through lights
Someone please help me sleep
I’ve been up all night

All of these thoughts keep
Racing through my head
They’ll be the end of me
They’ll haunt me when I’m dead

There’s nothing left to do now
But sit here on my own
Staring at the walls of a
Place I call my home


Sometimes my demons
Become my only friends
If there’s someone up above, why do they let this carry on
Why can’t it simply end

I say I try to change
And try I do
And when I finally fall asleep
I often dream of you


Ohoh Awake
Kept up by my mistakes

Chorus x2

I’ve seen your scars
I hope now you’re doing alright
And when you finally fall asleep
You dream of me tonight

the Lyrics of Spinningthroughstars 
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Song: Getting Out
Artist: Emma Friedman
Played: 19 times.

This is me playing another song i wrote.I have the name of it here as “Getting Out” but if you have any better ideas please let me know!! I hope you like it & if you have any suggestions please tell me! Ill post lyrics in a bit!

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Song: Spinningthroughstars (w/Electric Guitar)
Artist: Emma Friedman
Played: 19 times.

This is the non-acoustic version of me playing my song Spinningthroughstars. Hope you like it! If you have any comments or suggestions message me! I will be posting lyrics later.

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Song: Spinningthroughstars Acoustic
Artist: Emma Friedman
Played: 31 times.

This is an acoustic recording of me playing the song Spinningthroughstars which I wrote.